Stuart and Liz Gregg have been leaders for over 25 years. They have long experience living and working with the urban poor in the UK. They are experts in helping and developing leaders who share their vision to see healed, passionate believers who are self-replicating disciples and demonstrate the Father’s love with power, authority and wisdom. Recognised as pioneers, their experience sees them speaking at a wide range of conferences across the UK, where they teach and minister into areas that are close to their hearts.

Stuart and Liz have been married for over 25 years and have three grown up children, all of who are following Jesus with passion and enthusiasm. Stuart and Liz's journey in Kingdom breakthrough has been accelerated by their connection to Bethel Church in Redding, California.


Raised on a council estate in Leeds, Stuart became a Spirit filled follower of Jesus, with a thirst for Biblical truth and a strong leadership call when he was just 16. With degrees in both computing and theology Stuart teaches from a firm Biblical basis but with the power and authority to bring transformation and not just education. He has a burning desire to see disciples live fully in the life Jesus purchased for them, walking in the Kingdom, taking with them the healing, releasing and salvation winning lives they were designed for.

Stuart leads Celebrate Church, Bradford and runs a property development company, Kingdom Homes North. His favourite TV programme is 'West Wing', and he likes Shakespeare, good food, good beer and Yorkshire!


Liz lives to see Kingdom truth bring complete healing and release to the most broken, marginalised and damaged in society. A qualified counsellor, Bethel Sozo facilitator and mother of three wonderful children, Liz ministers and teaches with love, grace and power. She takes the lessons from over forty years of following Jesus and makes them available to all.

Liz loves time with her family, travelling and truly funny sit-coms.